About Refugio del mar

"To provide all our guests, from anywhere in the world, with joy and warmth human of the Mexicans. Show our culture, how we understand life and how We manifest part of our folklore by being friendly, helpful and hospitable.

In addition to expressing our roots through traditional Mexican food full of flavors and contrasts, offering it from the heart to all those who visit us as a symbol of welcome "

Carlos Grimaldi · Managing Director


Being a destination that offers experiences full of warmth, tradition and tranquility, the feeling of being at home very close to the sea, being a unique space for visitors and an opportunity for the economic, social and tourist development of the community.



Achieve national and international recognition of the brand, ensuring profitability
responsible by developing a social context in which there is well-being and self-management, as well as the sustainability of the community and its environment.




  • – Honesty
  • – Respect
  • – Creativity
  • – Tenacity
  • – Empathy
  • – Humility
  • – Common sense
  • – Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork